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Hwacheon Sancheoneo special ice fishing festival in Korea

Hwacheon Sancheoneo, the world famous ice fishing festival, opened in the remote mountain town of Hwacheon in Gangwon Province in South Korea this weekend. This unique festival takes place over 23 days on a frozen river in the town, about 120km northeast of Seoul, and adjacent to Korea.

It is expected that more than 1 million people will flock here to drop fishing line through holes in the ice and catch “sancheoneo” – a species of salmon that only lives in fresh water very clean. Activities of the festival take place both day and night.

Nearly 20,000 fishing holes were created on a frozen river section about the size of 24 football fields. Apart from fishing, another unique point in the festival is that visitors can wear T-shirts and shorts to jump into the icy water to catch fish with their bare hands.

Launched in 2003, the festival was chosen by the Korean Ministry of Culture as a national event in 2010 and has grown into one of the world’s four major winter festivals. US CNN TV once called this place one of the “Seven Winter Wonders.”

The festival also attracts greater attention of foreigners. More than 110,000 foreigners attended the festival last year and the organizers said there were many activities to attract more foreign tourists this year.

At night during the festival, a 5 km road in the center of the town will be decorated with 27,000 sancheoneo-shaped fish lamps. This number of 27,000 is equivalent to the total population currently living in the town.

Koi carp is a carp symbol in Japanese culture that has been told that, in the past, there were thousands of Koi carp swimming in the opposite direction of the Yellow River, they combined to form one. The extraordinary power can push against the squeezing water, but when it comes to the big waterfall of Vu Mon, there are a lot of fish that give up because the waterfall flows with white foam. Some of the rest of the Koi tried to persevere, trying to cross the waterfall and finally to reward the efforts of these fish that the gods turned it into a majestic golden dragon.


Some effective fishing tips

For many people fishing becomes an indispensable passion in many people’s lives. However, to become “a player with a golden hand” requires both an art and a process of persevering experience over a long period of time. Especially for the new brothers who joined the fishing industry, understanding the fishing and fishing experience of the older generation is an invaluable gift for them.

Learn the fish you want to fish: this is the most important step to successful fishing. You must specify the type of fish you want to catch in order to understand the characteristics of the prey in order to have the best preparation.

As you all know, we are all called human beings, but we each have each of our personalities, interests, different strengths and similar fish species, fish have many species. fish, each species has different characteristics, some species like to live in shallow or deep waters, some like to live in clear waters or mud, some species prefer to live alone or in groups, If there are species, then the habit of eating fast / slow … These will be very useful for you to choose the most suitable fishing rod, fishing machine, bait and fishing line.

When going fishing, we should sit right at the gate to get water from the fish, when the water rises, the fish follow the water flowing through the sewer. If you go to the river, you should sit in places with embankments, rocky banks, or piles or where there are many obstacles to fish gathering, let go in places where bottom piles and reefs are found.

You should avoid places that are empty or harsh and windy because the fish are often hidden in the deep bottom. Release the sentence in the grass bushes, thick reeds, or the passage of water into or discharging in dams is extremely effective solution for you.

The basic Knowledge For Fishing Beginners

There are so many popular experiences accumulated in their fishing years, so much that sometimes they are forgotten by that knowledge. Meanwhile, with many players, the experience is very lacking, so they need a lot of articles that provide information as well as fishing experience like articles like this.

It is this that motivates us to write down notes like this to help new players get more knowledge and learn from this experience, and also to forget the knowledge that we have have.

So what is bait baits? This is a stage used to call fish to gather in one place to facilitate bait release. The most difficult thing to do when baiting baits is to throw the bait right in the middle of the baits you have created, it will be more difficult when fishing in areas 50-70 meters from the shore or beyond. Because it is not always possible for fish to feed in near-shore areas, they may be prey or under pressure when there are too many fishers at that location.

The use of baits for fishing is because sometimes the player doesn’t want to move much to find the appropriate fishing positions, but they just want to say a “healthy” place. Therefore, this time bait is important to meet the needs of these players, to focus fish on a position that suits you and release the sentence only.

You can see that plastic boxes or springs contain specialized baits and baits that will wrap around the card or can wrap around a lead, so that when underwater, bait and baits will lie side by side and separated by several centimeters. This kind of baits has an advantage over primers in conventional manual flushing that it can be used in any terrain, even in flow areas, where manual bait is extremely difficult to implement.

Pleasure to go fishing in America

In the US, the fishing is a popular entertainment sport. Central and northern California are arid places without natural rivers and lakes, so irrigation systems for cultivation and daily water supply for about 30 million people are artificial.

A very popular place for fishing is Southern Central California.¬†Water is pumped according to the season’s needs and weather, carefully inspected and protected as a source of drinking water for the entire region. This artificial lake is also a place where many Cali residents like to camp on the shore to reduce stress with many interesting sports such as fishing, water skiing … after their hard working week.

Arriving at the fishing position can take from 30 minutes to a few hours depending on where the car runs, and then it takes some more time to find the place that is satisfactory, sometimes quite far from parking lot. People can throw sentences from shore but not very effective because big fish do not like shallow places, so they need to have boats to fishing in water from 25-100 meters deep.

At this depth, when the fish do not bite, you can switch to a water slide or swim around the boat very safely, both in hot summer weather or under the fresh sunshine of winter. In order not to “clash” with many other fishermen, experienced people often avoid weekends but choose Friday. They prepared very well for gasoline, as well as ice, sip, drinking water. Some people have to get up very early because they are afraid of getting stuck in the road.

They carry both a fisher and a deep water detector. However, due to strict rules and many guards guarding nearby, the people could not stir up as they wanted and were not allowed to exceed the prescribed number. If violating, it will be severely punished or even suspended fishing rod.

Fishing player must also try doping like other sports

Doping is a prohibited stimulant in sports. It usually speeds up the circulation of blood, the volume of blood flowing to the heart faster, increasing physical strength and concentration for the athlete. In order to fish on ice at the Olympic Games, athletes in this sport will also have to do doping tests like any other sports.

At the World Ice Fishing Championships last week in the United States, the athletes who won the championship after a week of competition were placed at the Plaza Hotel. A US Department of Veterans Affairs (USADA) official asked them to try urine to detect steroids or growth hormones. This procedure is all astonishing because with ice fishing requires concentration, the use of stimulants is not necessary.

This is not a sport that requires physical strength with very simple rules of competition. The fishing trip has 3 hours of sitting, the fish that catch the most fish will win. They will dig holes under ice and do not limit how many holes. Having to sit so long in cold weather, the hardest part of them is to keep warm by feeling the fish bite or not, most athletes do not wear gloves.

However, due to the widespread use of doping in sport, this requirement to take samples is mandatory for ice-fishing players if they want to play in the Olympics. Even the procedures for sampling and doping testing are strictly carried out as athletes or weightlifting.

Currently, ice fishing is not the only recreational sport that performs doping tests. Darts, mini golf and chess players have undergone similar procedures in recent years at the request of the World Anti-Doping Commission (WADA).

WADA requirements are not entirely absurd, as in 2011, two out of 76 golfers in the mini-golf field were positive for stimulants. In early 2013, a player also received the same results.


Fishing in the most unique way in the world

Fishing is one of the favorite outdoor activities of all ages. In the time of relaxing, if you are sitting in outdoor, waiting for the fish to bite, probably the best moment is when the fishing rod oscillate. People find a extremely strange and unique fishing without the bait in the world. Interestingly, right? Let’s find out more about this “fishing”.

In a sports news, there is the most unique fishing art in the world in Sri Lanka. Fishing players need to pay close attention to the techniques, what’s beautiful weather, bait. Fishing different require different baits, so many people had prepared thoroughly. Then, the result was not fine. The cause is also that’s they due to not find the suitable bait. Ingredients of bait, scales … are extremely important.

This is an ancient fishing practice that exists on the southern coast of Sri Lanka that’s a country of islands in the Indian Ocean. It is in the southernmost Galle Bay of Sri Lanka. Local people in here have a special way to fish. They build a wooden pole on the beach.

They went to there before it was submerged in sea water, swiftly climbing, sitting be firmly on it, and drop fishing rods into the sea, quietly waiting, looking far away everyday. doing that like making fishing rods in the sea. The target of these fishermen is the sardines in shallow sea.

The fishing rods constantly pull up and then fall into the sea. In the lightning eyes, the bag was full of fish. Strangely, on the fishing, rod does not have any kind of bait. Anyway, why fish still bite? But the Sri Lankans succeeded, becoming the one of fishing. Maybe this you do not know,  average every minute they earn a fish.

This unique fishing has been handed down for nearly 100 years here. before that. The lives of fishermen are very poor, they do not buy boats, bait. Because of their livelihood, they had invented the way this useful fishing.