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What are the benefits of outdoor activities for children?

Outdoor activities are one of the fun activities that children are most excited about and interested in. This is an activity that brings children much joy and essential knowledge about the world around them. Children participating in outdoor activities are aware of the world around them by being in contact with, learning about, discovering and interested in what happens in life around them.

Through outdoor activities, children satisfy their needs to operate, learn, observe the surrounding world, discover new things from nature, help children increase their living capital and especially children are free to operate.

Outdoor play activities give children agility and adaptability to the natural environment while children are confident and bold in life. Play is the key activity that children learn to play, play and learn. Thereby, the child gradually develops intellectually, physically, and emotionally in order to develop comprehensively personality for the child.

Through outdoor activities, children can promote their activeness. At the same time, children have a comfortable comfort when going out to breathe the fresh air of nature around them.

From the benefits and important role of outdoor activities, parents can invest in and build an outdoor, attractive, rewarding and enjoyable environment for children to always have fun to learn and develop. overview.

After stressful learning hours, outdoor activities are most anticipated by preschoolers because it brings a lot of excitement. There, children are free to explore the world around them, develop their own ability to observe, explore and create through observing activities about everything around them. The activity will help children understand the importance of the natural environment to human life, educate them to love more and protect a green, clean and beautiful living environment.

When participating in outdoor activities, children are aware of the world around them by being in contact, learning and discovering new things from nature, helping children increase their living capital. Not only that, outdoor activities also help children practice teamwork and team spirit.

Experiencing with challenging games in the summer

The tourist season has arrived, you can completely think about sharing a relaxing moment with your loved ones in a luxury hotel or a splendid beach resort. You can also organize a picnic with the whole family in a certain countryside, to enjoy the peace and accumulate energy for a new job. But if you need a change of atmosphere, why not challenge yourself with thrilling pleasures.

Let us suggest adventure games in exciting and new destinations this summer.

Waterfall Rappelling, India
Have you ever stood below and watched a waterfall fall from above? Why not try the opposite: Standing on a waterfall 30 meters high, surrounded by a cliff and water rushing to climb down there. The flow of water, the slope and slippery of the rocks make the game more challenging. You can experience this game at Bhivpuri waterfalls. This is an area on the outskirts of Mumbai city with a poetic village scene, drawn from waterfalls racing down on green hills. To get here, you take the CST train from Mumbai directly to the Bhivpuri road station, on the route to Karjat city. From here, you walk 30 minutes to arrive. Because it is very secluded and the adventure nature of the game, you should contact the professional tour operators in Mumbai.

Surfing, Indonesia

The waves followed each other to form a towering wall just about to collapse on the sand bank. The player skillfully controls the winding board and proudly passes each wave. The waves and windy archipelago Mentawai, Indonesia is known as the mecca of surfing, and annually attracts millions of tourists from all over. Waves come from almost all directions because the sea breezes change direction very often. The cost for a day to come here is at least about 125 USD. Mentawai is isolated, 150 km west of Sumatra island. On Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, you can take a train from Padang city, Sumatra island to Siberut island, ticket price is Rp 85,000. Ships will return on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays.

Parachute, Thailand
At an altitude of more than 3500m, the wind blows cold, buzzing, you jump out of the plane’s door and fall freely at 193km/h. You will see heaven and earth like being swirled, the ears are thick and the internal organs in the body are turned upside down. When the parachute expands, the whole body is kicked back up and from there you will experience more of the fun of the game skydiving. The body is floating in the air, you can freely admire the scenery below.

If you want to skydive by yourself, you have to sign up for a skydiving course for about 2 months. However, for those who have not learned and want a try of conquering the sky, you can still skydiving tandem skydiving. You will be dancing with the instructor and have a padlock to attach you and that person. Thailand is one of the most popular skydiving destinations in the world. You can go to Bird’s Paradise Extreme Resort in Isan region in Northeastern Thailand. This is not only an ideal skydiving place but also a beautiful resort with many other interesting games. To get here, you take a 45-minute flight from Bangkok to Udon Thani, then drive for about an hour. Address: Bird’s Paradise Extreme Resort, 174 Moo 18, T. Sawangdaendin, A. Sawangdaendin, Sakon Nakorn 47110, Thailand.

7 most attractive tourist destinations in the world

Lonely Planet recently released the latest edition of the popular travel book “Ultimate Travel List” offering 500 destinations and travel experiences. Lonely Planet is the world’s largest brand of travel books, specializing in publishing international travel guidebooks, the indomitable object of tourists everywhere.

Here is a list of the 10 most attractive destinations presented in this new book.

  1. Petra, Jordan

Topping the list is the “forgotten ancient city” Petra in Jordan, which is considered a mysterious, unique destination and a valuable cultural heritage of humanity. Petra was recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site in 1985.

2. The Galápagos Islands, Ecuador

Galápagos is a nature lover’s paradise because it is home to many diverse species of creatures, colors … such as iguanas, ancient turtles, penguins, seals … volcanoes, emerald water coasts and rich ecosystems are the reasons for this place number 2 on the list.

3. Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park, Australia

Exploring Uluru red rock is a memorable experience and hard to miss for anyone who has been to Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park. The mountain is considered by the Anangu indigenous people to be the sacred place and inhabited by their ancestors.

Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park is also a World Heritage Site, recognized by UNESCO for its natural and cultural values.

4. Okavango Plain, Botswana

Every year the Okavango River is filled with water and develops a wonderful wildlife ecosystem thanks to the water flowing down from the Angolan plateau. Visitors to the Okavango Plain can explore along the river by motorboat, or traditional canoe (mokoro)

5. Yellowstone National Park, USA

Yeallowstone is famous for being the region with many underground hot springs and the largest in the world when there are more than 500 underground circuits in operation. Among them is the largest and most colorful hot water lake named Grand Prismatic.

6. Lake Bled, Slovenia

The picturesque landscape with the church, the red-roofed houses and the green forest reflecting into the lake in Bled will surprise every visitor. Visitors can cycle, walk around the lake or enjoy sightseeing on romantic pletna wooden boats.

7. Waterfall Iguazú, Argentina – Brazil

Located on the border of Argentina and Brazil, Iguazú waterfall stands at number 7 in the list of 10 most attractive destinations in the world. This is a chain of 275 large waterfalls both in length and width, including Devil’s Throat waterfall up to 80 meters long.

PT explains why you not get slimmer calves

Summer is the season of beach trips. The energetic sisters enlist the exercise to have a beautiful figure in a beach swimsuit. The items you are most interested in include: waist number 11; enlarged buttock; Small legs and tight thighs.

However, the exercises that help you have a slim waist and a bloated butt are not sure to help you get slimmer calves. According to personal trainer Rachael Attard, to have toned legs and slim thighs, you need to combine the right diet and exercise method. Here are the 6 most common errors.

  1. You only practice squat and lunge
    However, these two exercises work to increase muscle. In fact, squats and lunge are always recommended by fitness trainers for those who want to increase the roundness of their breasts.

When exercising moderately, combined with cardio exercises, squats and lunge have a toning effect. If you overdo it, you’ll end up with legs as big as a bodybuilder.

  1. You prioritize leg and calf exercises
    Many people think that only practicing a certain part of the body (for example, own hands, chest, legs) will help “melt fat” in that body part.

But according to Rachael, this thinking is unscientific. If you want to get rid of excess fat, you have to practice systemic movements that promote energy consumption (such as cardio and HIIT). And the specialized training part of the body will make the muscles of that area to be bigger, rugged and muscular.

A better option for you is body exercises that are capable of burning high energy, such as burpee jumping or mountain climber.

  1. You don’t like cardio
    Many office sisters enlist exercise right at lunch time. Do not want to feel sticky because they sweat a lot, they avoid cardio exercises.

But according to coach Rachael, cardio is the only solution for you to own slim, toned legs. She advises that women should get at least 30 minutes of cardio every day to be effective.

  1. You charge too much excess energy
    Maybe you exercise very hard. But if you consume more energy than your exercise does, then it will be hard for you to achieve your desired physique.

The best way to burn a lot of excess energy in the body is to exercise in the morning, a scientific study has shown. If you want to exercise in the evening, pay attention to just snack after that. Also, try to eat early 3 hours before bedtime to give your body time to metabolize energy, avoid accumulating excess fat when you sleep.

  1. You are not charging enough power

Deliberately fasting to lose weight can also make you more plump, says Rachael Attard. It sounds ridiculous, but this has been scientifically proven.

When you charge less energy than your body requires, your brain warns you, “I’m starving!”.
Ms. Rachael Attard said, “You should calculate the amount of calories you should consume every day, depending on your exercise habits. Then, if you want to lose weight, you should eat about 200 calories less than this number. However, you should not use less than 1200 calories – the minimum amount your body needs to function every day.

Artificial climbing, calorie-consuming game

Artificial climbing helps keep your heart healthy, release muscle strength, burn calories quickly, reduce stress effectively.

Rock climbing or rock climbing is a form of indoor exercise

Artificial climbings are designed to mimic the shape of natural mountains, which can be steep, inclined walls, arches, etc. In the walls, there are multi-colored rigid points with high load. Players will step on the foot or click the fingers on these tabs to climb.

Is an adventure sport but relatively high safety. Players outside the system of belts, cables, protective ropes are always coached to supervise and support. Climbers are equipped with safety knowledge before doing it.

This is a discipline suitable for busy office workers, lots of pressure and like extreme sports. Exercise density does not need to be dense, can be flexible over time and beneficial to health.

Here are the benefits of climbing mountains.
Reduce cholesterol in the blood

According to Dr. Heinz Drexel, head of the research team at Voralberg Institute (Belgium), the process of exercising the whole body when climbing mountains makes the cardiovascular system work faster and stronger. Thus, reducing the amount of harmful cholesterol – ie low-level lipoprotein in the body.

Relieve stress

Paul Massad, a 20-year-old trainer at a climbing club, said sweating while helping him get rid of stress.
Increase focus

Rules of the game each climbing only use one color. The tabs are arranged in a random position, the player must observe to find the grip point. Therefore, to successfully conquer challenges, players are not distracted.

Consistency and high level of attention are repeated regularly, making the ability to observe and handle situations significantly improve. At the same time, the body also moves more flexibly and quickly.

Release muscle strength

In just one climbing session, you train every muscle group on your body. The muscles in the shoulders, back, arms are stretched to reach the maximum lifting the lower body. The center muscles, front thigh muscles and calves are also stretched to balance the weight.

These motions repeatedly make the muscles become toned. The synchronous development mechanism will increase the strength, help climbers grasp, carry walls of heavy objects better.

Burn calories quickly

Because a full-body exercise, a hike can burn anywhere from 500 to 900 calories. Calories burn faster and more than running, cycling, and exercising

The best time for fishing you should know

For those who are passionate about fishing, to catch a lot of fish, they have to keep track of when it is convenient. Please share with us some of the following ideas!

Fish are cold and unstable bodies, so they are extremely sensitive to the weather and the surrounding climate. This also affects the ability to bite if you do not know how to keep the fish suitable.

When the rain is too heavy, the fish will hide deep in the mud at the bottom for shelter. Therefore, it is too heavy for the rain to go fishing. The rising water level will create insecurity for their accommodation. When the rain has subsided, it is time for fish to eat very much and very strong, especially bighead fish that eat more brutally. Especially in spring and summer. At this time, fish species are easy to bite.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho câu cá

The rising or falling tide affects the residence as well as how to find their food. Especially in the sea area. At high tide, fish often gather in shallow waters. This is the best fishing time to harvest much. Rising tide also influences the movement of primers and promotes the search for food in coastal fish species. The change of tide, the position-time is important for the fisher to determine when fishing is best.

Wind plays an important role because it affects pushing water and food sources floating on the water to the shore to follow. Therefore, if fishing on the coast or a large lake on windy days, you should throw bait in places where there is a chance to gather.

The temperature is very important for fish feeding. For fish, it is usually warm weather. They will be easy to move and the right temperature for them to hunt and reproduce. On hot days, fish often move to cool places in deeper waters to reside there. It is best to use bait or bait to catch it early in the morning and late in the afternoon when the temperature and light are low, the fish likes to walk around to find food.

The controversial Japanese whaling industry

Japan seeks to save the commercial whaling industry as people become increasingly indifferent to this type of meat. For the Japanese people who hunt for whales, July 1 is very important, because this is the day Japan lifted its ban on commercial whaling after 31 years.

Immediately after the ban was lifted, five Japanese fishing vessels set sail and brought back the first two whales since 1986. They were then slaughtered at auction at the market. In a ceremony before the whale fishing boat went out, Mr. Yoshifumi Kai, president of the Japan Whale Association, said: “I am deeply touched. My heart is shaking.”

Một con cá voi được đưa về cảng biển Kushiro, Hokkaido, Nhật Bản hồi tháng 9/2017 phục vụ nghiên cứu khoa học. Ảnh: Kyodo News.

Japan on June 30 withdrew from the International Whale Committee (IWC), which passed a ban on commercial whaling in 1986. Since then, Japan has been fishing more than 300 whales each. years, but to “serve scientific research”.

Many Japanese fishermen seem to agree with the government lifting the ban on whaling for commercial purposes. “Whaling is part of my life. This job should be restarted. Japan has a culinary culture about whales,” said Mitsuhiko Maeda, who has been a senior whale hunter for decades.”

Kết quả hình ảnh cho cá voi nhật

However, this number has lately diminished, as Japanese people have easier access to other foods and become less salty with whale meat. In 2017, Japan consumed 5,000 tons of whale meat, which means that the average average person eats only two tablespoons of whale meat per year.

Shintaro Sato, owner of a whale-meat restaurant in Tokyo, hopes the restart of whaling will help many young people find the meat.

“I don’t think many young people today know how to cook and eat whale meat. I want more and more people to try this meat once in their life,” whale fisherman Hideki Abe said before heading out to sea. Many Japanese fisheries officials also hope the resumption of commercial fishing will make consumers more interested in whale meat.

Love dolphins because they are more human than you think

Not only is it a harmless, adorable species, dolphins also have many similar feelings to humans. A dolphin knows how to think about life like you do! Understanding with dolphins can save them from the evil hands of humankind.

Previously, scientists focused on pure research on evolution, anatomy and dolphin sensory analysis. However, to better understand this animal, they began to delve into their minds, emotions, and surprisingly, they were strangely human!

Kết quả hình ảnh cho cá heo

Michael McGowen, Ph.D. in zoology at the Smithsonian Institution, Washington DC, USA, compared 10,000 select genes from the dolphin genome with equivalent genes from nine other animals including cows, horses, dogs, mice, elephants, animals.

Dolphins are one of the very few intelligent species that have a neocortical development. As a result, they can think independently, perceive language, teach children, plan for life, collaborate and socialize. Above all, they are both rational and emotional, aware of high levels of sorrow and anguish.

If we write a name and spell it in words, dolphins use sound frequencies to encode their language, each dolphin will have its own name, which is not the same, and that’s how they are. Call each other to talk.

This is a testament to the fact that dolphins’ linguistic thinking is far superior to other intelligent animals. For example, dogs and cats communicate with smells or gestures, which do not go through a complex language coding process like dolphins.

Hình ảnh có liên quan

Dolphins possess genes associated with intellectual disorders and sleep like humans. This means they will daydream, remembering what they saw and heard before while sleeping. Similar to humans, when dolphins sleep, part of their brain is still working.

An example is very similar to early humans, dolphins lived in groups as families, when needed they would gather up to thousands.Accordingly, they will divide the squad to surround, block and catch small fish or squid, which is their main food. This is behavior that only exists in higher animals – tactical thinking and team coordination.

France can taking fish and fishing in Paris

In Paris, the capital of France, the trade or consumption of fish caught on rivers and lakes has been banned for a long time.

In Paris, the capital of France, the trade or consumption of fish caught on rivers and lakes has been banned for a long time. In the near future, taking fish and fishing in the French capital may be completely banned.

Currently, in Paris, the consumption and sale of fish caught from the Seine has been banned. In the next few days, it is likely that taking fish or fishing at river ports or boats in the French capital will be banned.

Hình ảnh có liên quan

Prohibition of taking fish and fishing in Paris is receiving strong support from organizations that protect animals through propaganda campaigns on the streets and on cyberspace.

In addition, some members of the city government also support this. Danielle Simonnet, a member of the Paris City Council, commented, “This is a good thing, we do not eat these fish for health reasons, so why allow fishing on lakes and rivers? Paris ”.

However, fishing is an entertainment activity, so the ban on fishing and fishing in Paris suffers many objections, especially from members of fishing clubs and service providers this activity.

Hình ảnh có liên quan

It is expected that from 20 to 23 September, at the Paris City Council meeting, the city government will make a decision on this issue. Previously, in 2010, the consumption and trade of fish in the Seine, Marne and many small rivers in Paris and Ile-de-France were banned.

River water in this area is believed to be contaminated with PCBs, a toxic substance for human health, used in previous industrial activities.

PCBs were banned dozens of years ago but still exist in sediments, especially at the bottom of rivers in Paris and surrounding areas.

Fishing – fun in Australia

The father took a beer bottle from a cold sip, occasionally reached for a cigarette and wrapped it in his hand. The mother fell in love with the glass of wine, lay reading, lazily yawning, occasionally looking at her children.

80% of Australians live on the coast, so more or less they “stick” to fishing. In the countryside, except for Canberra and the big commercial center like Sydney or Melbourne, children go fishing from the age of 5. It’s often like this in the countryside: father, mother, brother, sister … both The house goes together, each one needs. On the rock embankment or jetty, or on the beach, his father took a beer bottle from a cold sip, sometimes with his hand wrapped in a rolling cigarette.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho câu cá ở úc

The mother loved the glass of wine, lay reading, lazily yawning, occasionally looking at her children. As for the children, if they let go, shouting, when they got bored, they would stick their sticks or rely on the oysters, even take off their clothes to the right place where their parents would need to … swim. The whole family sat from morning to noon, when it was sunny, the children were hungry, the collector needed it, went to a nearby park for lunch. Grilled meat on a public electric oven or private kitchen brought from home.

In the night in Sydney, I also saw people throwing away at the port, using balloons. Once I and my friend took a bottle of wine to sit in a concrete pillar on the right of the Opera House, dropped it, sat from morning to afternoon, nothing could be burned and … dull.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho câu cá ở úc

Australians often go fishing. They wear raincoats, use short but strong types, stand on cliffs to throw three pepper, or wear high boots to the waist of water beams at the beaches, use the type of rod about 5 meters long, catch the fish by tide engrossed in hunting. Fishing bait has many types: the best are the brackish water, red, like the worms that fishermen and children indent in the river sand dunes to the sea. Then there are small fish, small shrimps, octopus small with two fingers (bread prey does not lose.) The second sentence people have two types of needs: small ones for small children to use as bait, large type used Keep fresh bait caught by children