Experiencing with challenging games in the summer

The tourist season has arrived, you can completely think about sharing a relaxing moment with your loved ones in a luxury hotel or a splendid beach resort. You can also organize a picnic with the whole family in a certain countryside, to enjoy the peace and accumulate energy for a new job. But if you need a change of atmosphere, why not challenge yourself with thrilling pleasures.

Let us suggest adventure games in exciting and new destinations this summer.

Waterfall Rappelling, India
Have you ever stood below and watched a waterfall fall from above? Why not try the opposite: Standing on a waterfall 30 meters high, surrounded by a cliff and water rushing to climb down there. The flow of water, the slope and slippery of the rocks make the game more challenging. You can experience this game at Bhivpuri waterfalls. This is an area on the outskirts of Mumbai city with a poetic village scene, drawn from waterfalls racing down on green hills. To get here, you take the CST train from Mumbai directly to the Bhivpuri road station, on the route to Karjat city. From here, you walk 30 minutes to arrive. Because it is very secluded and the adventure nature of the game, you should contact the professional tour operators in Mumbai.

Surfing, Indonesia

The waves followed each other to form a towering wall just about to collapse on the sand bank. The player skillfully controls the winding board and proudly passes each wave. The waves and windy archipelago Mentawai, Indonesia is known as the mecca of surfing, and annually attracts millions of tourists from all over. Waves come from almost all directions because the sea breezes change direction very often. The cost for a day to come here is at least about 125 USD. Mentawai is isolated, 150 km west of Sumatra island. On Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, you can take a train from Padang city, Sumatra island to Siberut island, ticket price is Rp 85,000. Ships will return on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays.

Parachute, Thailand
At an altitude of more than 3500m, the wind blows cold, buzzing, you jump out of the plane’s door and fall freely at 193km/h. You will see heaven and earth like being swirled, the ears are thick and the internal organs in the body are turned upside down. When the parachute expands, the whole body is kicked back up and from there you will experience more of the fun of the game skydiving. The body is floating in the air, you can freely admire the scenery below.

If you want to skydive by yourself, you have to sign up for a skydiving course for about 2 months. However, for those who have not learned and want a try of conquering the sky, you can still skydiving tandem skydiving. You will be dancing with the instructor and have a padlock to attach you and that person. Thailand is one of the most popular skydiving destinations in the world. You can go to Bird’s Paradise Extreme Resort in Isan region in Northeastern Thailand. This is not only an ideal skydiving place but also a beautiful resort with many other interesting games. To get here, you take a 45-minute flight from Bangkok to Udon Thani, then drive for about an hour. Address: Bird’s Paradise Extreme Resort, 174 Moo 18, T. Sawangdaendin, A. Sawangdaendin, Sakon Nakorn 47110, Thailand.