How to Use The Wind to Catch More Fishes

In order to have a good fishing session, the fishing position is vitally important. Not all locations have similar amounts of fish to live or hunt. There are areas where a lot of fish are concentrated and there are areas where only a few fish are around. So, how do you know where a lot of fish gather?

We need to learn about the factors that affect the concentration of fish in a certain area. Among the influences on fish concentration areas, the wind is the source of things that affect the behavior of fish stocks. Therefore, the first consideration is wind. Because the wind is able to create currents that can be as strong as rivers.

Normally, every location will have 2 water flows. These 2 flows are opposite in the same time and place. With the wind created by the wind on the water is easy to see, because it will pull the float away quite quickly. Meanwhile, the bottom flow is difficult to sense if you have not experienced much exposure to it.

The effect of the flow on the feeding of fish species is enormous, the flow can change the way fish eat. The fish will swim upstream to catch prey, not stand in place to jump to eat baits that anglers throw down, this is very similar to fish in the river. This is how you can capture areas where fish are located, locate the live fish and hunt along the current and accordingly choose the right location to throw the bait.

The wind blowing from the front of the stick will create a flow on the surface of the water from the outside to the shore. It is easy to see that the small fish will nestle close to the shore and from there they catch prey in the opposite direction of the flow. And below the bottom of the water there will also be a different flow that goes in the opposite direction to the surface of the water, and large fish that eat the bottom will also swim back to the head of the stream and feed. In this case, fishing at the end of the wind and near the shore is better.