Rabbit story with carrots and the lessons everyone needs to know

In the forest there is a very big rabbit In a forest there is a rabbit which loves to go fishing. He looks at anglers dropping a little bait into it and bringing back a lot of fish every day. Seeing that, the rabbit was extremely excited and also found a need to go fishing. However, the rabbit does not know where to find the bait, he quickly takes away his favorite carrots as fishing bait.

On the first day, the rabbit brought carrots that were tied in to the river and fishing. He dropped the net and sat waiting all day without harvesting anything. The rabbit came back sadly, her stomach said, “It must be too sunny today, so the fishes don’t bother to bite the sentence”.

On the second day, the rabbits eagerly carried the need and carrots to the riverbank the day before to fish. Still excited, the rabbit forced his favorite carrot into the fishing rod and dropped the net. However, the result was still nothing else the other day, no fish caught the bite and the rabbit was hungry and tired. He sighed to himself and said: “Probably the fish still don’t want to lift up because of the sun.”

Continuing to persevere without giving up, rabbits carried with bait and fishing rods to go on the third day. However, this time the rabbit dropped the net, a big fish from the lake jumped up, shouting loudly: “If you dare to use carrots to make fish food, I will slaughter you!”.

This is not a rabbit’s story, but a meaningful life lesson that anyone of us needs to remember. In life, sometimes things that we consider extremely valuable to ourselves do not mean anything to others. Therefore, even if given away, consider other people’s thoughts to make your life more meaningful.