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Basic sea fishing techniques need to know

Many people think that fishing in coastal areas is easy and effective. But if we have no experience and basic skills, it is difficult for us to achieve your goals. Usually areas with sandy beaches and fish often live and feed in deep water areas. So we need to know which areas are where fish live, make a new living, hoping to fish effectively. Accordingly, areas without sea waves rolled up would be deeper areas of parallel winding areas.

Want a favorable coastline, prepare a type of fishing rod from 4 to 5m long, axle length from 0.4 to 0.5mm. Fish hooks use medium size, 2m long sentences and have to have sea worm trees. At the same time, prepare the rack for the fishing rod.

Bottom fishing technique: only use lead holes with radial holes, do not use buoys. Then block the lead from about 30 to 40 cm from the hook with rubber stoppers. Weight of lead is dependent on strong or weak flow. An important note when fishing in this area is to be careful to bait the bait and when you drop the bait to release it quickly, you will definitely have fish bite.

Rock rapids are an area with a lot of fish so the fishing here will be ideal. Many delicious and nutritious fish in this area such as rabbit fish, grouper, snapper, …

Fishing in rock rapids has 2 techniques: bottom fishing and bait fishing. Bottom fishing is done as the port area and wave break area. As for the floating buoy technique, we do the following: each type of fish we use a corresponding type of buoy and bait will come from the water to sink into the water. Along with that use extra extra buoys respectively. The main buoy is placed above, the buoy is about 20 to 30 cm below the float.