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English fisherman fishing 2-pound shark, ‘crisis’ in the world

English fishermen have recently caught a giant sawtooth shark nearly 3 meters long, weighing 227kg off Devon, southwest England. According to the Daily Mail, the giant porbeagle shark nearly 3 meters long, weighs 227kg is considered the largest shark in the world to bite fishermen.

It took nearly 2 hours for the British fishermen to control the shark and bring it back to shore. “The shark is very big, look at the size of the belly to see how big it is,” said fisherman Dan Hawkins. Hawkins added: “This is the biggest shark I’ve ever seen, it looks like a cow. It took us two hours to fight it.”

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According to Hawkins, he could not accurately measure the size of the shark because it was necessary to pull it on the boat. Finally, Hawkins also released the shark back to the sea because it was “too tired” after the fight with fishermen.

The Daily Mail reported that fishermen who wanted to be recognized as the world’s biggest shark catcher had to bring sharks to shore to check their weight carefully. A few days ago, fishermen Jay Oxenham (46) also caught the giant porbeagle shark in the sea off Cornwall.

Jay took nearly two hours to wrestle the shark 2.5 meters long after biting the bait. It’s too heavy to put on the boat, so Jay has to drop it. After measuring the length and waist circumference of the shark, Jay estimated it weighed over 200 kg.

Along with the blue shark, porbeagle is among the most popular shark species in British waters. Although they are related to white sharks, they are not a major threat to humans. Porbeagle sharks are considered endangered animals in the northeast Atlantic Ocean.

Ngu dan Anh cau ca map 2 ta, 'khung' nhat the gioi - Anh 2

According to an English oceanographer, large sharks, usually females, often go to British waters during the period from April to August. This is the time when British fishermen hunt fish. Giant fat hoping to set a new record.

“The fact that they use their best to sharks for a few hours, then release them can cause the animal to die from exhaustion,” the expert said.

Earlier this week, the body of a 7.7-meter-long shark that washed ashore on Cornwall attracted special attention. Marine experts believe that this is a dried shark, the second largest fish in the world and the largest in British waters.