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Safe camping experience for beginners (part 2)

Medical supplies

Camping overnight on the beach or in the woods can be a pleasant experience, but it is also prone to unexpected uncertainty. Some possible scenarios are difficult to foresee. Therefore, take the necessary medications when deciding to sleep overnight in tourist locations. Examples are pain relievers, diarrhea, allergies, wind oils, cotton swabs, bandages, etc. For those of you who have a history of tuberculosis and asthma, you must bring medicine.

Some notes when setting up a tent to sleep overnight

The camping grounds will often have no electricity for lighting, so it is necessary to take advantage of the tent when it is still morning. If the sun is already down at the end of the day, building a tent can be difficult.

Do not forget to bring a flashlight for lighting as well as convenient for traveling. Just in case, each member should bring at least 1 flashlight. If possible, bring extra rechargeable batteries as well.

Sleeping outside can get stung by insects. So before night falls, apply mosquito repellent and wear long pants. Absolutely do not use perfumes or fragrant room sprays to avoid attracting insects.

Camping in secluded places really doesn’t know what might happen to you. For first-time visitors, the best experience for safe camping is to set up tents in popular places, with many other tents. If you only have a group of friends, avoid secluded, creepy areas because it is quite dangerous.

The late-night temperature can drop suddenly, causing immediate pain. To avoid this, bring a warm sleeping bag for your body to keep your sleep smooth.

A safe camping experience for first-time participants is to do personal hygiene at a place at least 100m away to avoid water pollution. You should look for areas with clear streams for convenience but also cool.

Always be civilized when participating in camping anywhere, obey the rules and clean the area before leaving. With strange food, you should stay away because it can be poisonous. You should only bring back foods you know to avoid danger to your health.

Safe camping experience for beginners (part 1)

Check out the weather

To make your picnic picnic happen as smoothly as expected, firstly, learn carefully about the terrain and weather that you will spend the night there. Even simply camping during the day is also essential, so from there to plan how to properly organize and make people happy again.

A few sudden rains will make your camping trip more interesting. However, be aware of the weather situation as it may encounter heavy rains or storms that can make your camping trip canceled.

Prepare necessary food and drink

Often overnight camping areas will be pristine beaches or forests with few passersby. There will be no grocery stores or markets at all, so if you want to survive here, you definitely have to bring food and drinks to reserve. If you are camping near the city, you may not need to bring too much, just a few boxes of pre-cooked food, a little fruit is okay.

Particularly for camping in remote areas, bring plenty of dry food and water to avoid sudden food depletion. At that time, the trip will not be fun anymore because everyone looks withered.

One more note for you is to study the terrain, see if it allows cooking. If so, you can also bring a grill, less marinated meat for the night, barbecue party, happy to know.

Clothes suitable for camping overnight

Choosing the right overnight outfit is one of the safe camping experiences for young people who are just going for the first time. Depending on the season and the weather, you should pay attention to choose the most reasonable costumes but ensure maximum comfort. Regardless of the season, the temperature can get lower in the evening, so be sure to follow thin sweaters so you don’t catch a cold.

You can spend the night in a tent and then it will be a climbing journey or a jungle adventure so you should wear at least 1 pair of durable shoes, if the hiking shoes are used, the better. Also, to make it easier to move while having a barbecue or taking a shower, bring a pair of slippers for convenience.