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5 most interesting fishing places on the planet

Fishing one of the easiest outdoor sports to do; Beneficial for cardiovascular, helps exercise after cancer treatment, cheer mood, reduce stress …

1. Prince Edward Island, Canada

Prince Edward of Nova Scotia peninsula in western Canada is known as the land of bluefin tuna. In 1979, the record for catching the world’s heaviest bluefin tuna was set at nearly 679 kg. This is also the only region in the world that possesses large flocks of tuna in large numbers, many boats and tourists from all over the world flock here to hope to “hunt”. the big bluefin tuna. A good time is from August to mid-October every year.

2. Belize island nation, Central America

This is a paradise of red salmon, congee and bone fish, rare species that are hard to find. Located in Central America, belonging to the Caribbean Sea branch with green forests covering more than half the area and pristine islands. Belize is the only country in South America that speaks English, visitors only take 2-3 hours by train from the southeastern states of the United States, there are many resorts and resorts from affordable to luxury to serve fishing guests. You can fish all year round, if you want to hunt big porridge fish, then the time is mid-summer until the end of autumn.

3. Malindi, Kenya

The offshore waters of Malindi on the Central Coast of Kenya deserve to be on the list because of the diversity of ecosystems, especially the hardest swordfish families on the planet. In one day, you can catch 6 species of fish that no other place has at the same time: Black carp, striped grouper, black flagfish, blue suckler, short harpoon and of course Great swordfish reside in this rich sea. Usually, visitors can go to Malindi and hire experienced fishing boat owners to the richest area. If you do not want to go far, you can fish near the shore with other types of sea bass and reef fish. Some hotels in the Malindi and Watamu areas such as Hemingways offer package tours for fishing. The summer here (January, February) is the best time for your journey.


4. Key West City, Florida, USA

Dubbed the “fishing city”, Key West is known as a professional fishing ground with world-class fishing service to satisfy any discerning tourist. With clear blue water, coral reefs and stretching of the sea, visitors have the right to choose their own but the dock of boats, in addition, enthusiastic guides and experience contribute to making Key West become A destination for many tourists. Visitors can fish year-round, but avoid winter, as this season does not usually concentrate many fish species.

5. Panama

Panama possesses majestic sea mountains, but the large rugged rugged wilderness is home to a range of aquatic species and aquatic animals. In particular, Panama waters possess a large number of yellow snapper, chicken fish, bluefin starfish, virtual mackerel and large snapper. Visitors only take two and a half hours with flights from Miami (USA) to be able to come to Panama and start the journey to conquer the special species of fish here. Services and facilities are cheap, many excellent fishing resorts make Panama the most attractive fishing canal on the planet. We can come here to fish at any time of the year, avoiding the rainy season here because the coast is quite wet and inconvenient.