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The fish is cute, but it makes Darwin’s theory of evolution “terrifying”

As we look at the biological world, we can see countless examples against Darwin‘s “transformation theory” that Darwin’s followers called “evolution.” The following story is my thoughts on Darwinian evolution when I watch some dolphin videos performed. Miraculously, the dolphins show Darwin wrong!

Although dolphins always live in the ocean, they are mammals, not fish. Like all mammals, dolphins have hot blood, not cold blood like fish. Also unlike fish breathing through their gills, dolphins breathe through their lungs. So dolphins often take the water swimming to breathe air. The opening on the dolphin’s head acts like a nose, making it easy for the dolphin to easily come into contact with the air.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho cá heo

There are many other characteristics that show that dolphins are mammals rather than fishes, for example they spawn dolphins rather than eggs, and they feed babies with milk.

In short, like whales, dolphins belong to mammals. These two species, whales and dolphins, are the only two mammal species that spend their entire aquatic life.

Dolphins extremely intelligent and lovely. It is friendly to humans like dogs, horses, elephants, etc. Although not domesticated to live with humans, dolphins have been “goodwill” with humans from instinct. Many stories of dolphins help boats travel on the sea and save people at sea. These stories indicate that the consciousness of dolphins is highly developed.

Hình ảnh có liên quan

That’s a strange thing that’s hard to explain, because why humans and dolphins are more likely to “get along” with each other, while whales don’t, even though they have similar biological traits. similar to dolphins. When domesticated, dolphins become even more intimate with humans, they are friends that bring joy not only to a family, but to hundreds, thousands of people as we can see through the videos above.

The theory of evolution offers a ridiculous explanation that whales and dolphins are four-legged mammals that live on the ground. But because they go into the water to eat too much, they adapt gradually to aquatic life, and thus gradually change into whales and dolphins. Only the gullible can believe this type of reasoning, because by asking a few questions, it is ridiculous.