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Fishing player must also try doping like other sports

Doping is a prohibited stimulant in sports. It usually speeds up the circulation of blood, the volume of blood flowing to the heart faster, increasing physical strength and concentration for the athlete. In order to fish on ice at the Olympic Games, athletes in this sport will also have to do doping tests like any other sports.

At the World Ice Fishing Championships last week in the United States, the athletes who won the championship after a week of competition were placed at the Plaza Hotel. A US Department of Veterans Affairs (USADA) official asked them to try urine to detect steroids or growth hormones. This procedure is all astonishing because with ice fishing requires concentration, the use of stimulants is not necessary.

This is not a sport that requires physical strength with very simple rules of competition. The fishing trip has 3 hours of sitting, the fish that catch the most fish will win. They will dig holes under ice and do not limit how many holes. Having to sit so long in cold weather, the hardest part of them is to keep warm by feeling the fish bite or not, most athletes do not wear gloves.

However, due to the widespread use of doping in sport, this requirement to take samples is mandatory for ice-fishing players if they want to play in the Olympics. Even the procedures for sampling and doping testing are strictly carried out as athletes or weightlifting.

Currently, ice fishing is not the only recreational sport that performs doping tests. Darts, mini golf and chess players have undergone similar procedures in recent years at the request of the World Anti-Doping Commission (WADA).

WADA requirements are not entirely absurd, as in 2011, two out of 76 golfers in the mini-golf field were positive for stimulants. In early 2013, a player also received the same results.