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Fishing – fun in Australia

The father took a beer bottle from a cold sip, occasionally reached for a cigarette and wrapped it in his hand. The mother fell in love with the glass of wine, lay reading, lazily yawning, occasionally looking at her children.

80% of Australians live on the coast, so more or less they “stick” to fishing. In the countryside, except for Canberra and the big commercial center like Sydney or Melbourne, children go fishing from the age of 5. It’s often like this in the countryside: father, mother, brother, sister … both The house goes together, each one needs. On the rock embankment or jetty, or on the beach, his father took a beer bottle from a cold sip, sometimes with his hand wrapped in a rolling cigarette.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho câu cá ở úc

The mother loved the glass of wine, lay reading, lazily yawning, occasionally looking at her children. As for the children, if they let go, shouting, when they got bored, they would stick their sticks or rely on the oysters, even take off their clothes to the right place where their parents would need to … swim. The whole family sat from morning to noon, when it was sunny, the children were hungry, the collector needed it, went to a nearby park for lunch. Grilled meat on a public electric oven or private kitchen brought from home.

In the night in Sydney, I also saw people throwing away at the port, using balloons. Once I and my friend took a bottle of wine to sit in a concrete pillar on the right of the Opera House, dropped it, sat from morning to afternoon, nothing could be burned and … dull.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho câu cá ở úc

Australians often go fishing. They wear raincoats, use short but strong types, stand on cliffs to throw three pepper, or wear high boots to the waist of water beams at the beaches, use the type of rod about 5 meters long, catch the fish by tide engrossed in hunting. Fishing bait has many types: the best are the brackish water, red, like the worms that fishermen and children indent in the river sand dunes to the sea. Then there are small fish, small shrimps, octopus small with two fingers (bread prey does not lose.) The second sentence people have two types of needs: small ones for small children to use as bait, large type used Keep fresh bait caught by children

Sea fishing things you need to know

Sea fishing in the world today is very developed and in Vietnam some players have gradually turned to sea fishing. With a wider variety of fish, the quality of the fish is cleaner, more frightening and no cost. With so many quiet beaches with waves, you will be more relaxed after stressful working and studying days.

With the passionate brothers snatching the huge fish, there are a lot of fish in the sea up to several tens of kilograms, they are stronger than fish in freshwater lakes. The joy of floating on the sea or sitting hugging should bring you to the hunting instincts from the past while relaxing and bringing you to the memory area to be more calm with daily life.

câu cá biển phú quốc

When fishing in the sea, if you choose live bait, choose fresh fish such as live squid, and make sure the bait is still alive when you drop it to achieve higher results.

Marine fish often have sharper teeth than freshwater fish, such as barracuda, mackerel so use fishing lines with metal cores to limit their ability to bite. And you should also regularly review the fishing line sections near the hook because many times the fish net will produce a biting reflex to escape, leading to damaged fishing lines. If there is a tangle of fishing lines, cut out the string to make it more reassuring when snatching the fish.

câu cá biển

If the sentence at the bottom of the sea waits when the fishing rod is completely down, then snatching it, if the fish is bitten, will tend to tear the bait to be swallowed. In sea battles you learn how to observe seabirds because their eyesight and instincts are much better than ours, if you see them flying around a sea area that means there are big fish there. Be quick to reach out and disband in time.

Fishing on the sea is not only a fight for people and fish but also a fight between people and nature, so you need to prepare some necessary applications to protect yourself from nature such as the burning sunshine of the sea, Salty wind, drunkenness, besides the problem of preparing good things when the sentence is also very important, please do not regret buying the types that need no brand and not suitable for sea travel.

Find the oldest fishing hook in the world

Archaeologists have found the world’s oldest fishing hook in a cave on Japan’s Okinawa island.

The BBC cited a report published in the scientific journal National Academy of Sciences, which says archaeologists have found a pair of hooks made from sea shells, dating back to 23,000 years, along with ancient relics other.

The scientific group, from Japanese research institutes and universities, conducted three excavations of Sakitari, a limestone cave on Okinawa’s southern coast, since 2009 and has just announced the discovery of they are in magazines. This finding shows that fishing techniques develop earlier and more commonly than previous assumptions.

Lưỡi câu cá cổ nhất thế giới, có niên đại 23.000 năm, làm từ vỏ ốc.

People have been thought to have moved to Okinawa and neighboring islands about 50,000 years ago, but there is little evidence that the process of adapting to maritime life and technology development.

The oldest found fishing hooks are in Timor (Indonesia), dating back at least 16,000 years, and in Papua New Guinea, about at least 18,000 years ago.

“The new evidence shows the broader geographical distribution of the first maritime techniques. Ancient maritime early humans expanded north to the western Pacific coast, ”according to the National Academy of Sciences.

In addition, the archaeological group also found a number of other relics such as human remains, animal bones (such as eels, frogs, fish, birds, small mammals …), shell pieces, grinding stones, shells charred crab.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho câu cá

The crust of the shell into charcoal provides evidence of the seasonal eating habits of the ancients. The size of crab shells shows that they are caught in the fall, when crabs mature and migrate downstream to breed, which is also the best crab meat time, according to The Guardian.

Fishermen along Havana’s sea dike often use inflated condoms to create buoys that can carry fishing lines out to about 300 meters away and keep the bait from sinking deep into the water. “They are wonderful,” said Michel Perez, a young fisherman, delighted.

Basic sea fishing techniques

Fishing has become a hobby and has become a passion for many people. After working days, activities, stressful studies, weekends or every evening; knowledge, students, workers, businessmen and friends and relatives bring fishing rods to rivers, lakes, sea, canals, fishing places to drop need.

No matter which form of fishing, we all need basic techniques, basic fishing knowledge. And in this article, we will guide you to basic sea fishing techniques. The sea is big and big, but it doesn’t have to drop the sentence. Every child eats it, doesn’t it?

No matter which form of fishing, we all need basic techniques, basic fishing knowledge. And in this article, we will guide you to basic sea fishing techniques. The sea is big and big, but it doesn’t have to drop the sentence. Every child eats it, doesn’t it?

In fact, in many marine fishes, if we go fishing, we will only be able to target about 50 different types of fish. And it can also be divided into a few basic places for fishing, such as: Fishing on the coast, fishing in rock rapids, fishing in the breakwater and jetty, fishing on the boat at sea.

Beach fishing is probably the easiest fishing form. We will often hook in areas with long sandy beaches and have many different shallow and deep areas created by the waves. The deep water area is where many fish gather to find food. Therefore, in order to catch fish near the shore, it is necessary to know which areas have deep water, to fish effectively.

In order to identify the shallow, deep, the fisher must observe the ocean waves, the areas where the waves are rolled up to the shallow water, the areas without the waves will be deeper. It is a deep, shallow way of understanding coastal fishing techniques.

After fully preparing the above tools, you throw the bait into the depth, check the mobile for just enough release, tighten the rope and put up the rack, wait. Once you see that your head needs to be clicked repeatedly, it means you have to bite the fish, turn on the wire and fish receiver.

Rock rapids are areas with rocky shores connected to land or offshore, in these areas, the water flows rapidly and waves strike continuously. In these rocky rapids, fish are many, very ideal fishing points.

These types of fish often appear in rock rapids such as rabbit fish, grouper, bream, snapper … And we distinguish the fish by eating bait: The fish eat the bait in the middle layer of water, bottom layer …

With fish on the floor between the water changes the seasonal position and water temperature, like the bream. And the fish in the bottom of the water are permanent, they are not easy to leave their living area without threats such as chemicals or larger fish …

What is Lure type fishing

Lure is the main type of fishing on the surface of the water is mainly (Can bottom fishing but is rarely used because of inefficiency). And is the type of sentence that uses fake bait. With this type of sentence, the player must control the fake bait to move like a real bait, making the fish confused and bait.

The difficulty of Lure’s way is to know how to hook bait into the hook. False bait when hooked into the hook must obscure the sharp tongue tip of the tongue so that when the bait fish does not have the feeling of pain, then it will be safe to confine all the prey to the mouth. By the time he felt pain, the hook was stuck to the edge.

So when do we need to close? Winning it depends on many factors: the hook, the range, the direction, the force and the very important factor … the fish! When the fish catches the sinking, we stop right at the crank of the head that needs to be slacked and look if the fish whale means it has swallowed the bait.

The freight runs and we pull Lure Fishing Rod in the opposite direction to the fishing lure, when the fish catches the bait, we stop turning the hand and drop the fee slightly, looking at the running freight, we do not try because there are many children. fish is very smart. The feeling of entanglement is that it jumps immediately, especially when the wind is strong, the wind force impacts on the fishing line as it jumps, so the fishing out in the windy place when the fish bite the fish, we halt immediately and lower the head to give Such fees limit fish jumping!

Another note for you is that if you verse in the terrain of many objects, you should use a hook with a plug or when the hook is finished, you must use the body of a piece of grass between the tip of the hook with the place of the cable. so that when you click on the hook, do not get caught in the branches or grass. When fishing, if the hook is constantly entangled, each time wading down and removing the tongue will make the fish frightened and it will go away.

Why do people go fishing

There are many types of fishing as much as fishermen. For some people, catching fish is very relaxing and is a good way to calm stress nerves. For some, it is a competitive and suspenseful sport, which can make the Adrenalin flow go away. Some fish to eat because so far fresh fish is still the best fish.

Parents who take their children to fishing are a good way to create intimate relationships with them and help children avoid problems in their lives. You can also fish for these reasons or you have other reasons for yourself.

Anyone who has eaten a beach meal with fish caught, cleaned and cooked in place within minutes after the sentence, the naked head praises the great taste of the fish. No fish was purchased from cold storage, comparable to fresh fish. And you know where the fish comes from and how it is made.

Fish that you self-sentence may be much cheaper than the fish you buy. There are fishing methods that do not need to cost much money and find good fish. Saving spending on fishing equipment and bait, you can create efficiency. Perhaps more so, consider the cost as part of the entertainment cost, and the fish is just an additional reward.

There’s something magical from pulling your fish from the end of the line. It can be addictive, once you experience it, you may want to feel it over and over again. That’s why people want to get bigger and bigger fish – they’re more powerful than small fish. Fish waving is also the reason why sports players like to use the lightest equipment possible to encourage fish to struggle.

Many people are competitive and fishing can provide that spirit. Many guys like to hook up with other people and try to catch most of the biggest fish. That is the reason for the fishing trips with great bonuses. There are challenges to cross the hookers near you. You feel the same as when your couple won the other competitions.

Basic sea fishing techniques need to know

Many people think that fishing in coastal areas is easy and effective. But if we have no experience and basic skills, it is difficult for us to achieve your goals. Usually areas with sandy beaches and fish often live and feed in deep water areas. So we need to know which areas are where fish live, make a new living, hoping to fish effectively. Accordingly, areas without sea waves rolled up would be deeper areas of parallel winding areas.

Want a favorable coastline, prepare a type of fishing rod from 4 to 5m long, axle length from 0.4 to 0.5mm. Fish hooks use medium size, 2m long sentences and have to have sea worm trees. At the same time, prepare the rack for the fishing rod.

Bottom fishing technique: only use lead holes with radial holes, do not use buoys. Then block the lead from about 30 to 40 cm from the hook with rubber stoppers. Weight of lead is dependent on strong or weak flow. An important note when fishing in this area is to be careful to bait the bait and when you drop the bait to release it quickly, you will definitely have fish bite.

Rock rapids are an area with a lot of fish so the fishing here will be ideal. Many delicious and nutritious fish in this area such as rabbit fish, grouper, snapper, …

Fishing in rock rapids has 2 techniques: bottom fishing and bait fishing. Bottom fishing is done as the port area and wave break area. As for the floating buoy technique, we do the following: each type of fish we use a corresponding type of buoy and bait will come from the water to sink into the water. Along with that use extra extra buoys respectively. The main buoy is placed above, the buoy is about 20 to 30 cm below the float.

Some effective fishing tips

For many people fishing becomes an indispensable passion in many people’s lives. However, to become “a player with a golden hand” requires both an art and a process of persevering experience over a long period of time. Especially for the new brothers who joined the fishing industry, understanding the fishing and fishing experience of the older generation is an invaluable gift for them.

Learn the fish you want to fish: this is the most important step to successful fishing. You must specify the type of fish you want to catch in order to understand the characteristics of the prey in order to have the best preparation.

As you all know, we are all called human beings, but we each have each of our personalities, interests, different strengths and similar fish species, fish have many species. fish, each species has different characteristics, some species like to live in shallow or deep waters, some like to live in clear waters or mud, some species prefer to live alone or in groups, If there are species, then the habit of eating fast / slow … These will be very useful for you to choose the most suitable fishing rod, fishing machine, bait and fishing line.

When going fishing, we should sit right at the gate to get water from the fish, when the water rises, the fish follow the water flowing through the sewer. If you go to the river, you should sit in places with embankments, rocky banks, or piles or where there are many obstacles to fish gathering, let go in places where bottom piles and reefs are found.

You should avoid places that are empty or harsh and windy because the fish are often hidden in the deep bottom. Release the sentence in the grass bushes, thick reeds, or the passage of water into or discharging in dams is extremely effective solution for you.

The basic Knowledge For Fishing Beginners

There are so many popular experiences accumulated in their fishing years, so much that sometimes they are forgotten by that knowledge. Meanwhile, with many players, the experience is very lacking, so they need a lot of articles that provide information as well as fishing experience like articles like this.

It is this that motivates us to write down notes like this to help new players get more knowledge and learn from this experience, and also to forget the knowledge that we have have.

So what is bait baits? This is a stage used to call fish to gather in one place to facilitate bait release. The most difficult thing to do when baiting baits is to throw the bait right in the middle of the baits you have created, it will be more difficult when fishing in areas 50-70 meters from the shore or beyond. Because it is not always possible for fish to feed in near-shore areas, they may be prey or under pressure when there are too many fishers at that location.

The use of baits for fishing is because sometimes the player doesn’t want to move much to find the appropriate fishing positions, but they just want to say a “healthy” place. Therefore, this time bait is important to meet the needs of these players, to focus fish on a position that suits you and release the sentence only.

You can see that plastic boxes or springs contain specialized baits and baits that will wrap around the card or can wrap around a lead, so that when underwater, bait and baits will lie side by side and separated by several centimeters. This kind of baits has an advantage over primers in conventional manual flushing that it can be used in any terrain, even in flow areas, where manual bait is extremely difficult to implement.

Pleasure to go fishing in America

In the US, the fishing is a popular entertainment sport. Central and northern California are arid places without natural rivers and lakes, so irrigation systems for cultivation and daily water supply for about 30 million people are artificial.

A very popular place for fishing is Southern Central California. Water is pumped according to the season’s needs and weather, carefully inspected and protected as a source of drinking water for the entire region. This artificial lake is also a place where many Cali residents like to camp on the shore to reduce stress with many interesting sports such as fishing, water skiing … after their hard working week.

Arriving at the fishing position can take from 30 minutes to a few hours depending on where the car runs, and then it takes some more time to find the place that is satisfactory, sometimes quite far from parking lot. People can throw sentences from shore but not very effective because big fish do not like shallow places, so they need to have boats to fishing in water from 25-100 meters deep.

At this depth, when the fish do not bite, you can switch to a water slide or swim around the boat very safely, both in hot summer weather or under the fresh sunshine of winter. In order not to “clash” with many other fishermen, experienced people often avoid weekends but choose Friday. They prepared very well for gasoline, as well as ice, sip, drinking water. Some people have to get up very early because they are afraid of getting stuck in the road.

They carry both a fisher and a deep water detector. However, due to strict rules and many guards guarding nearby, the people could not stir up as they wanted and were not allowed to exceed the prescribed number. If violating, it will be severely punished or even suspended fishing rod.