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Why fishing makes you happier? (Part 2)

Reduce stress

Many anglers agree that rippling waves and tugging on the fishing line when the fish bite is enough to dispel the tension in their heads.

Frank Peterson, Superfly’s chief executive, said that of the 90% of Americans considering sports, 38% care about fishing as a way to relieve stress. One day throwing fishing rods is the answer.

Relieves the symptoms of PTSD

The combination of mental relaxation and easy exercise can help treat post-traumatic stress disorder. Research from 2009 shows that fishing reduces symptoms and improves the mood of patients. After 3 days of fishing, participants reduced their guilt by 32% and their hostility by 43%. Fear also decreased by 32% and sadness decreased by 36%. The positive impact remains after 1 month without fishing.

Escape from the digital world

One of the spiritual benefits that fishing brings is the escape from our digital life to be in harmony with the natural world. Surely many people will save their pictures of fish either for updating on the Internet or printing out framed photos.

50% of us use technology, whether it’s music, photos or GPS, when participating in outdoor activities. But in general, fishing is a way to reduce the time we spend sitting in front of the screen.

Interested in dominating sports? So, get ready to eat a fresh batch of fish first. Luckily, fishing can start easier than you think. Let’s discuss with experts to give the best advice for beginners fishing.

Get rid of misconceptions

Contrary to popular belief, fishing is not just salmon in streams. According to Ms. Superstein, you can fish in the sea, lakes, ponds and rivers.

Invest in a fishing set

If you are technologically inferior, look for a set that includes a fishing rod, fishing line, fishing line and bait. Some even have blocking buttons. “But investing in a fishing suit doesn’t mean you will catch more fish”, Superstein said.

Ask the experts

From the weather to the seasons, the types of fish, there are too many factors to expect to catch more fish, according to Ms. Superstein. Instead, ask crew members, staff at bait shops or local fishermen to show you the best location for fishing or to find the bait that is most appealing to the fish.

Explore the seas near your home

You do not need to venture deep into the forest or up the mountain to find a stream to fish. Fishing has more places than you think. You can fish in the heart of Chicago or Hudson River of New York City and still enjoy the benefits of nature.

Go fishing whenever you can

While some fish only eat in the morning and many people think that fish only appear in the spring when the first layer of ice has melted, Superstein thinks it is a thought that restricts your fishing. If you want to go fishing, just stand up and grab your fishing rod.