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Love dolphins because they are more human than you think

Not only is it a harmless, adorable species, dolphins also have many similar feelings to humans. A dolphin knows how to think about life like you do! Understanding with dolphins can save them from the evil hands of humankind.

Previously, scientists focused on pure research on evolution, anatomy and dolphin sensory analysis. However, to better understand this animal, they began to delve into their minds, emotions, and surprisingly, they were strangely human!

Kết quả hình ảnh cho cá heo

Michael McGowen, Ph.D. in zoology at the Smithsonian Institution, Washington DC, USA, compared 10,000 select genes from the dolphin genome with equivalent genes from nine other animals including cows, horses, dogs, mice, elephants, animals.

Dolphins are one of the very few intelligent species that have a neocortical development. As a result, they can think independently, perceive language, teach children, plan for life, collaborate and socialize. Above all, they are both rational and emotional, aware of high levels of sorrow and anguish.

If we write a name and spell it in words, dolphins use sound frequencies to encode their language, each dolphin will have its own name, which is not the same, and that’s how they are. Call each other to talk.

This is a testament to the fact that dolphins’ linguistic thinking is far superior to other intelligent animals. For example, dogs and cats communicate with smells or gestures, which do not go through a complex language coding process like dolphins.

Hình ảnh có liên quan

Dolphins possess genes associated with intellectual disorders and sleep like humans. This means they will daydream, remembering what they saw and heard before while sleeping. Similar to humans, when dolphins sleep, part of their brain is still working.

An example is very similar to early humans, dolphins lived in groups as families, when needed they would gather up to thousands.Accordingly, they will divide the squad to surround, block and catch small fish or squid, which is their main food. This is behavior that only exists in higher animals – tactical thinking and team coordination.