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Everything about the Japanese fishing hobby

Japan is a country with a dense system of rivers and streams, abundant water and fish creatures. Thanks to that, Japanese people knew how to create fishing tools.

In Japan, each type of fish has its own way of fishing, and each type of fishing rod is an exquisite work of art. The hobby of fishing in Japan has its roots in the samurai class.

Gradually this form of entertainment spread to other classes of Japanese society. Fishing then not only is a popular pastime but also included in the classic comic works that are known worldwide: Sanpie Little Fisheries.

About a tenth of the Japanese population loves this pastime. In the seventeenth century, the civil war ended the samurai classes did not have to go to war anymore. To kill time they devise entertainment, fishing is a typical example. If you want to fish, you need a fishing rod, a Wazao lacquered bamboo fishing rod. This is the most popular and most popular fishing equipment at that time. The type needs to be assembled so it is very convenient, the fisherman can take it out and put it in a small box to carry with him.

Japanese people love hanze goby fishing, before dropping the bait, anglers often wear traditional fishing costumes with aprons and gloves, then install fishing rods and adjust fishing lines. It shows the professionalism and seriousness of anglers. The traditional goby fishing season in Tokyo takes place in September in the breeding season.

Ayu fishing is one of the types of fishing in Japan, and people in Japan also enjoy river fishing. In the spring of the Ayu spawning season, they will migrate from the coast to the depths of the river to lay eggs. In order to catch this type of fish, anglers use the Tomo-zuri fishing technique. They hook the live Ayu fish into the hook as bait and pull another hook. Ayu species take their territory very seriously. So when they see another fish swimming in the territory, they will attack the prey fish and will be bait.

Today, the Ayu fishing season not only attracts indigenous people but foreign tourists are also excited about this unique fishing style. Faced with nature’s abundance of abundant aquatic resources, the Japanese have come up with various ways to exploit this resource most effectively.

If you have the opportunity to live and work in Japan you should try this unique pastime of Japanese people. Try traditional Japanese fishing, try out the types of fishing here to better understand Japanese culture and people.