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Pleasure to go fishing in America

In the US, the fishing is a popular entertainment sport. Central and northern California are arid places without natural rivers and lakes, so irrigation systems for cultivation and daily water supply for about 30 million people are artificial.

A very popular place for fishing is Southern Central California.¬†Water is pumped according to the season’s needs and weather, carefully inspected and protected as a source of drinking water for the entire region. This artificial lake is also a place where many Cali residents like to camp on the shore to reduce stress with many interesting sports such as fishing, water skiing … after their hard working week.

Arriving at the fishing position can take from 30 minutes to a few hours depending on where the car runs, and then it takes some more time to find the place that is satisfactory, sometimes quite far from parking lot. People can throw sentences from shore but not very effective because big fish do not like shallow places, so they need to have boats to fishing in water from 25-100 meters deep.

At this depth, when the fish do not bite, you can switch to a water slide or swim around the boat very safely, both in hot summer weather or under the fresh sunshine of winter. In order not to “clash” with many other fishermen, experienced people often avoid weekends but choose Friday. They prepared very well for gasoline, as well as ice, sip, drinking water. Some people have to get up very early because they are afraid of getting stuck in the road.

They carry both a fisher and a deep water detector. However, due to strict rules and many guards guarding nearby, the people could not stir up as they wanted and were not allowed to exceed the prescribed number. If violating, it will be severely punished or even suspended fishing rod.