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PT explains why you not get slimmer calves

Summer is the season of beach trips. The energetic sisters enlist the exercise to have a beautiful figure in a beach swimsuit. The items you are most interested in include: waist number 11; enlarged buttock; Small legs and tight thighs.

However, the exercises that help you have a slim waist and a bloated butt are not sure to help you get slimmer calves. According to personal trainer Rachael Attard, to have toned legs and slim thighs, you need to combine the right diet and exercise method. Here are the 6 most common errors.

  1. You only practice squat and lunge
    However, these two exercises work to increase muscle. In fact, squats and lunge are always recommended by fitness trainers for those who want to increase the roundness of their breasts.

When exercising moderately, combined with cardio exercises, squats and lunge have a toning effect. If you overdo it, you’ll end up with legs as big as a bodybuilder.

  1. You prioritize leg and calf exercises
    Many people think that only practicing a certain part of the body (for example, own hands, chest, legs) will help “melt fat” in that body part.

But according to Rachael, this thinking is unscientific. If you want to get rid of excess fat, you have to practice systemic movements that promote energy consumption (such as cardio and HIIT). And the specialized training part of the body will make the muscles of that area to be bigger, rugged and muscular.

A better option for you is body exercises that are capable of burning high energy, such as burpee jumping or mountain climber.

  1. You don’t like cardio
    Many office sisters enlist exercise right at lunch time. Do not want to feel sticky because they sweat a lot, they avoid cardio exercises.

But according to coach Rachael, cardio is the only solution for you to own slim, toned legs. She advises that women should get at least 30 minutes of cardio every day to be effective.

  1. You charge too much excess energy
    Maybe you exercise very hard. But if you consume more energy than your exercise does, then it will be hard for you to achieve your desired physique.

The best way to burn a lot of excess energy in the body is to exercise in the morning, a scientific study has shown. If you want to exercise in the evening, pay attention to just snack after that. Also, try to eat early 3 hours before bedtime to give your body time to metabolize energy, avoid accumulating excess fat when you sleep.

  1. You are not charging enough power

Deliberately fasting to lose weight can also make you more plump, says Rachael Attard. It sounds ridiculous, but this has been scientifically proven.

When you charge less energy than your body requires, your brain warns you, “I’m starving!”.
Ms. Rachael Attard said, “You should calculate the amount of calories you should consume every day, depending on your exercise habits. Then, if you want to lose weight, you should eat about 200 calories less than this number. However, you should not use less than 1200 calories – the minimum amount your body needs to function every day.