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Fishing in the most unique way in the world

Fishing is one of the favorite outdoor activities of all ages. In the time of relaxing, if you are sitting in outdoor, waiting for the fish to bite, probably the best moment is when the fishing rod oscillate. People find a extremely strange and unique fishing without the bait in the world. Interestingly, right? Let’s find out more about this “fishing”.

In a sports news, there is the most unique fishing art in the world in Sri Lanka. Fishing players need to pay close attention to the techniques, what’s beautiful weather, bait. Fishing different require different baits, so many people had prepared thoroughly. Then, the result was not fine. The cause is also that’s they due to not find the suitable bait. Ingredients of bait, scales … are extremely important.

This is an ancient fishing practice that exists on the southern coast of Sri Lanka that’s a country of islands in the Indian Ocean. It is in the southernmost Galle Bay of Sri Lanka. Local people in here have a special way to fish. They build a wooden pole on the beach.

They went to there before it was submerged in sea water, swiftly climbing, sitting be firmly on it, and drop fishing rods into the sea, quietly waiting, looking far away everyday. doing that like making fishing rods in the sea. The target of these fishermen is the sardines in shallow sea.

The fishing rods constantly pull up and then fall into the sea. In the lightning eyes, the bag was full of fish. Strangely, on the fishing, rod does not have any kind of bait. Anyway, why fish still bite? But the Sri Lankans succeeded, becoming the one of fishing. Maybe this you do not know,  average every minute they earn a fish.

This unique fishing has been handed down for nearly 100 years here. before that. The lives of fishermen are very poor, they do not buy boats, bait. Because of their livelihood, they had invented the way this useful fishing.