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Features of silverfish and some notes when fishing sesame (Part 1)

Bighead carp is one of the most popular fish species, they live in most of ponds, lakes, rivers, streams, canals. These kinds of sesame fish often like to eat small foods, dissolved in water and plankton.

Unlike other fish such as drift, carp, tilapia, they live and feed on the surface and middle layer, the crowds, eat and work in groups. Their food is also diverse and they usually grow very fast.

Bighead carp have quite smooth skin, less scales, less respiratory than other species. Their way of eating is to filter water to eat small foods and plankton, so they eat continuously, are few and not as cautious as copying or drifting. In addition to the large population, silver carp is a fairly easy fish to catch compared to other species. However, even though it is easy to catch, bighead fish also need to learn about their natural characteristics, about tools and characteristics of food in order to achieve better fishing results.

First of all, bream is a kind of fish that likes to live in warm, planktonic waters, temperatures from 20 to 32 degrees C. The best season for bream fishing is summer to autumn. However, if you fish in green, winter or spring, you can still catch the silver carp because they want to eat, the density of silver carp is higher than other species so many anglers sometimes throw green fishing rods.

The best fishing technique for silver carp fishing is green, usually using 8-12 tongue. You can use a hex or four-stroke to pull fish into greater flexibility and be easier to handle. The silver carp is fast and strong, so it is advisable to use a long, large rod that can be fished far, solid, solid and firm. When choosing a lever, you need to choose the type so that the green tongue can go straight up and fish the distance.